Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Favorite Amarillo stomping ground: Ruby Tequila's on Georgia

Dorsey and I have two requirements for a good Mexican restaurant: Excellent chips and hot sauce, and great margaritas.

Seriously, we could come to Ruby's for those two things alone and be happy. The chips are light and crispy, and the Ruby's folks add a little of their own seasoning to just the plain old salt.

More important ... the margaritas. We prefer the Ruby's Gold, frozen. Unlike many restaurants, where you pay high prices for alcoholic beverages with little to no alcohol in them, at Ruby's, we know we are getting our money's worth. Ruby's does not cheat its customers in this area.

We also love the Ruby's atmosphere. It's loud. It's bright. It's fun. I've had many gatherings with friends at this Ruby's. In this picture is a former co-worker, Lauren, and her twin sister Ashley. I miss those times! I think it's time for another party!

Wednesday nights at Ruby's, especially during the summer and spring months, are busy and crowded with all kinds of people. It's like happy hour all night long. I can see just about all of Amarillo that I know in Ruby's on Wednesdays. If you prefer patio gatherings, because Ruby's has one of the best with it's fire pit bar, you better get there by at least 4 p.m. on Wednesdays; otherwise, servers at Ruby's have told me you might have to wait four hours just to get a patio table.

On Wednesdays, both in the summer and in winter months, Ruby's usually has a band. They're ... again ... loud ... but good. The place is just rockin'on Wednesdays. Great fun if you love a party with your friends.

 This is Dorsey and Jordie hanging out with me on two separate Sunday evenings, when it's much quieter and less busy. We enjoy family time at Ruby's, too.

One more thing, we can't forget the food!

I dug in before Dorsey could take the picture, but my favorite is the queso-covered bean burrito, with the sides, of course. I also enjoy building my own taco plate. The taco meat is flavorful and nongreasy. This dish also comes with the beans and rice sides ... or papas, if you prefer.

Dorsey's favorite dish at Ruby's is the grilled steak fajita salad. They bring it to you as a salad, with the meat, onions and peppers still grilling on a fajita skillet. The chicken is tasty, too.

Finally, I would be doing Ruby Tequila's an injustice if I didn't spotlight one of the more popular drinks I see around: The Dos XX. How people are able to drink it, I'm not sure ... but they apparently do.

If you haven't tried Ruby's, please do! It's just fun and good at the same time. The menu offers many more items than I have shared. The prices are reasonable, too.

Hope you enjoy it like we do!

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  1. Ruby's is a must when I make it home to Amarillo from the great white north. Am looking forward to more reviews.


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