Monday, January 10, 2011

Welcome to our blog!

Dorsey and I decided this blog is something we can do together. We both like good food, good fun, good drinks and good entertainment, so that's what we'll talk about and show you. We might even warn you of what to steer clear!

Because we live in Amarillo, we will review our favorite places to eat and play, and because one of those places is our own home, we'll share favorite gourmet meals, recipes and movies. Dorsey is always trying something different; some recipes are hits, and some are misses. We will be sure to let you know.

Dorsey's job requires extensive travel, too. This enables him to find some great food and fun wherever he goes in the United States, and, occasionally, out of the country. He will post and picture his finds.

Every once in awhile, we even get to take trips together. All of those frequent flier miles and frequent stay points eventually add up to something wonderful for us. We'll share our adventures with you.

We're really excited, too, to have recently joined a supper club. We'll even include the food, fun and drinks from those gatherings.

Last but not least, we have friends and family who love to travel, cook, and experience wonderful restaurants and entertainment venues. They will contribute to this blog as well.

Who knows? This could be really fun and exciting!

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  1. Hi Jami and Dorsey!

    Someone famous once said, "I avoid any club that would have me for a member..." or something like that but in my case, the exception would be The Supper Club. That sounds like a whole lotta fun. I cannot wait to hear more information about this. Best wishes on this blog and the fun of making it fly!



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