Sunday, January 16, 2011

Texas Firehouse Sports Bar and Grill ... you gotta go

Here we are at Texas Firehouse.
Dorsey, Jordie and I decided to eat at one of our other favorite restaurants, Texas Firehouse, last night. It was, as usual, a fun dining experience!

Texas Firehouse is really Texas Firehouse Sports Bar and Grill. You can see in the photos we took that the place is crowded and boasts tons of flat-screened TVs.

There is a restaurant portion to the building, and then in the back area, a full-service bar. One of the things Texas Firehouse is known for is its "beer tubes." Yes, instead of ordering pitchers of beers, people can order the tubes. I've never done that because a) I've never gone with a large crowd, and b) I really hate beer.

But let's talk about the beer for a minute anyway. Mark Plowman, a co-owner of the bar, is a beer aficionado. Need I say, then, that his place has more types of beers than you can imagine?

Large crowds, large TVs, large beer tubes.

I chose to have a peach margarita on the rocks. I enjoyed it ... but never as much as Ruby Tequila's margaritas. I'm just sayin ...

Jordie wanted to have the Texas Firehouse cheese fries as an appetizer, so we did ... whatever Jordie wants, Jordie gets. (Just kidding.)

LOVED those things. I could have eaten the entire basket, except Jordie was giving me a run for my money. You see, another thing Texas Firehouse is known for is its beer battered ... everything. The curly fries are fried in a beer batter, and then covered in cheese, cheese, cheese. Lots of cheese.
 Curly Cheese Fries. Damn Good! See the bacon?

We had barely dug into the cheese fries when our order came out. Obviously, we didn't have to wait long for our food. That's always good. The service was great, too. Efficient and friendly.

Jordie ordered Frank's Bacon Burger. It had some kind of barbecue sauce on it. Jordie likes it because he always orders it. The burger came with a side of curly fries, of course.

Dorsey got the Firehouse Philly, which is a Philly steak sandwich. He enjoyed it because the bread was soft and the jalepenos had a bite to them.

I got my usual favorite, too: Frank's nachos. I don't normally like nachos with ground beef on them, but these are different. The beef has it's special seasonings ... probably beer (I don't know that!). I got the half order and ate half of it. Texas Firehouse doesn't skimp on its servings. I can't imagine what the full order would have looked like.

Big ol' bite!
Firehouse Philly with a side salad instead of fries.

Frank's nachos: meat, cheese, jalepenos, onions, tomatoes, black beans, guacamole and sour cream. Perfect!
 One last look at the beer tube.

My only two complaints were that I was cold inside and wore my coat the whole time. I think that's the norm there. And second, apparently someone had drunk too much beer, because when we left, we nearly stepped into a large puddle of vomit on the sidewalk. (But that really was more funny than a complaint.)

I highly recommend Texas Firehouse Sports Bar and Grill. Great food, great fun, great service, great beer if you're into that, and all the games you could possibly want to watch. (You might also assume because people are watching games, it's loud.)

Now ... Dorsey and I are headed to the gym. We can't eat like this without consequences, you know. :-)

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  1. Sorry to hear that it wasn't that good. The menu sounds intriguing. Maybe the service will get better once they've been open for awhile.


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