Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hey There

Hey. I am CL. Jami and Dorsey said I could play, too.

Let me share a bit about myself. I used to write a food column. I am a foodie pure and simple. I have eaten at four-star restaurants and at holes in the wall. I love to cook. I have a pantry shelf full of cookbooks but I improvise as well. I enjoy trying new restaurants and returning to favorites.

A couple of friends and I had lunch yesterday at Jake's Bar and Grill, 3130 Soncy Road, in the space that was Zookinis. The restaurant has been open less than a month.

The lunch menu is unusually limited, so we all ordered from the dinner menu. We chose stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer. I ordered the Greek burger which was lamb/beef, red onions, lettuce and black olives on a ciabatta and got the black and tan onion rings as the side.

The mushrooms were mediocre. The burger was a little too done, but had a good flavor. The side order portion size was stingy considering the overall cost.

The service was spotty. One of my friends had to wait for his fries. The crew did bring drink refills without being asked.

Jake's is not one of those places I will hurry back to.

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