Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wicked good eats in Boston

Jami and Dorsey invited me to contribute to their blog, although I'm a bit perplexed as why. I'm not a foodie like Dorsey. I don't have a favorite hangout spot like Jami. Quite often a Wendy's cheeseburger from the drive-through or a homemade margarita (Dorsey's recipe, of course) are all it takes to make me happy.

But when I travel, I like to try the local restaurants and the local foods. In fact, I try to stay away from the chain restaurants as much as I can. McDonald's tastes the same (crappy) across the country, after all.

I just finished my last business trip to Boston, and most of the time I was there it was snowy and cold. So I didn't venture far from the hotel for food. But I thought I'd share some of the places I've found on other trips (in warmer weather), which have allowed me to spend six weeks in this city.

Oh, this will be the first of several Boston posts. If I include all the restaurants in this post, the post will be so long you'll never come back!

(By the way, I'm Allison. I work with Dorsey, although I'm based in Utah.)

Jacob Wirth


I was introduced to this restaurant by a co-worker on my first trip to Boston. It has since become my stand-by place to eat -- if I can't figure out where to eat, I go to Jacob Wirth. It seems to be a popular place for drinks after work and for dinner before going to a show (as the restaurant is in the midst of the theater district).

The web site calls this a "European style restaurant," but it's really a German beer hall. Huge beer menu. Items on the menu like wiener schnitzel, sauerbraten and bratwurst show the German flair. But the menu has burgers, salads, sandwiches, too.

I tend to get a grilled bratwurst with hot German potato salad. I skip the sauerkraut and cooked red cabbage. My German heritage didn't leave me the proper taste buds for those side dishes. I've also had the wiener schnitzel, which was light and crispy. The spaetzle in lemon dill sauce was tasty.

The dessert menu is pretty basic -- except for the apple cherry strudel spiral. Light flaky pastry, black cherry sauce and a small scoop of ice cream. Perfect for one person.



A little gem among all the Italian restaurants in the North End. This place was recommended by someone at the office, and I'm glad I followed his advice. Figuring out where to eat in the North End can be overwhelming. Every third storefront on Hanover Street is an Italian restaurant. Only hope you have is to look for places that are fairly crowded and whose menu appeals to you.

I first went here for dinner with co-worker Katie. Chewy bread is brought to the table for you to snack on while you peruse the lengthy menu. I ordered the gnocchi, which arrived with a light coating of pesto. Katie got the Lucia special, which was handmade pasta in a light cream sauce with shrimp, asparagus and something else really good that I can't remember (maybe sun-dried tomatoes?). Oh ... my ... gosh. It was all wonderful!

I went a second time for lunch with co-worker Eduardo. Smaller menu, smaller portions. I got the lasagna. Another great meal, though the gnocchi was better.

I didn't make it to Lucia on my last visit and I'm bummed about that.

Added bonus to Lucia's location in the North End -- it's at the far end of Paul Revere Mall, so you can hop across the street and see the Paul Revere statue, then look down the mall and see Old North Church.

Legal Seafood


THE place for seafood in Boston. (Well, other then Union Oyster House, but I never made my way there.) There are several Legal restaurants around the city, including a mini one in the airport. I've been to the one on Stuart Street, in the theater district, several times.

Be ready to lay down some cash. Service is formal, and I always feel underdressed and out of place. However, that's just my own insecurities (and casual dressing style), not the wait staff treating me poorly.

The menu is nice, although I have a hard time finding something to order because of foods I don't like -- scallops, clams, oysters, broccoli, etc. So I'm always a bit disappointed in my meal, because I've had to order something simple. Maybe I should just save my money and go elsewhere ...


  1. Good post, Allison. Keep 'em coming.

  2. Dorsey: I know you just want me to post so you don't have to post as often!


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