Friday, January 28, 2011

A Friday evening giggle

I'll have more about eating in Boston later, but thought I'd make a short post on a Friday afternoon to start your weekend off with a giggle.

Just how durty is she?

One week I was in Boston, my co-worker Julie was also there. So after work, we'd go wander the city for a few hours and have dinner. We passed Durty Nellie's pub one night when we were in the wharf area. We should have gone in. (The tents are for the market that was the next day.)

I wonder if this is what fish really think

I used the T a lot of Boston, especially when I stayed a weekend and explored the city. As I was leaving a green line station at Boston Common after a 4+-hour visit to the Museum of Fine Arts Boston (a MUST if you're visiting the city), I saw this billboard. Too funny to pass up taking a picture!

Where everybody knows your name

Yes, there is an actual Cheers bar in Boston. This is the one they used for the exterior shots. I wanted to eat there, but a look at the menu told me it was all overpriced bar food. So I passed. Spent my money on a T-shirt.

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