Monday, January 31, 2011

More Boston eats

A few more places to consider if you're heading to Boston ...


This Thai restaurant/sushi bar is right next to an adult bookstore, so it would be easy to keep on walking by (although maybe the location would be a draw for some people). I never would have stopped if someone at the office hadn't recommended it. (The red awning on the far right of the picture, not the place on the corner.)

The place was fairly empty when I arrived, but it filled up fast as there was a show at one of the many theaters in the area.

The menu is extensive, both of Thai food and sushi. The lemongrass chicken and basil chicken were recommended, but I opted for the drunken noodles -- chopped up flat rice noodles sauted with chicken and a lot of veggies. The dish was marked as "hot and spicy" on the menu, but my nice waitress requested it be less spicy for me. The sauce had good flavor but could have used just a bit more of a kick.

I ate half of my dish, leaving plenty for leftovers for lunch the next day. So I ordered the mango sticky rice for dessert. Normally when I've had this dish, the mango has been chopped up and mixed in with the rice. This restaurant serves the two side-by-side. The sticky rice was excellent, but the mango wasn't that great (not quite ripe enough). But it's winter, so I'll cut them some slack on the mango quality.


It looks fancy from the outside, with the heavy decorated doors and a counter in the vestibule, but it's just run-of-the-mill inside. Service is haphazard, and you're not sure who you are leaving a tip for. Sometimes the big screen TVs are on, but there's usually Indian pop music playing.

Food was average, although a bit pricey by my standards. The night I was there, it seemed the staff was more concerned about making space for the belly dancers than serving the customers.

The lunch buffet is a bit more reasonably priced. And the selection is good -- fresh naan, veggie patties, soup, rice, two or thee vegetarian dishes, thee meat dishes and two desserts (anyone else had those dough balls in the sugar syrup? yum!). Plus you get some sort of crispy crepe stuffed with potato.

Purple Shamrock

Just ate here once, and it's only worth mentioning because it's in the same row of restaurants as Union Oyster House down in the Quincy Market/Faneuil Hall area. It's a old bar, with a bar menu. We ordered lobsters, and although the price was right, the lobster was so-so. I'd never ordered a whole lobster before, and I fought with that *&%#$@ thing to get all the meat out.

Rock Bottom Brewery

Yes, this is a chain, but not one we have in Utah. I've been to these elsewhere in the country, so it was nice to see one just down the block from the hotel. The Asian chicken wrap small plate appetizer hit the spot one night when I didn't want a heavy meal. I've had the Italian burger (with turkey burger) a few times. Side choices are fries or homemade malt potato chips, the quality of which varies. I opt for a side salad.

TD Garden concession stand

Ate at the Garden when co-worker Katie and I went to a Celtics game. Sausage with peppers and onion. Pretty darn good, although a tad hard to eat in the stands. Lots of beer stands, for those who want a brew with their basketball (or hockey or concert or other event). There was even a stand where you could get a shot of hard liquor. Not sure why you'd need a tequila shot to watch basketball ...

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