Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kiss of death

Well gang, we all know restaurants that serve acceptable to outstanding food, but because of their location, die the slow death. I can name several locations that seem to fall under the listing of kiss of death. A couple of spots are on Paramount Boulevard.

I hope to heck the restaurants I write about do not immediately fall off the map as is the case with Jake's.

When times are tough, many people cut back on eating out. (Though to drive by any restaurant on Friday night, you would not think that.) Have you noticed all the great two for one, free appetizer, under $15 deals the customer-starved eateries offer? That tells the tale.

But I digress. Jake's had some flaws, so in hard times, every detail counts. Poor service and mediocre food spelled the end for Jake's.

I hope the next place I criticize does not shut down. If so, I might have to retire.

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